Translation services are available in the following language combinations:

English – Macedonian; Macedonian – English; Swedish – Macedonian; Swedish – Serbian; Swedish – English; English – Serbian; Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian – English; Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian – Macedonian

In the translation process I use online, electronic and hard-copy dictionaries, glossaries, expert literature, term databases and CAT tools – WordFast and Trados, as well as others to ensure consistency and accuracy.

I always opt for the translation of the meaning of the sentence, rather than the meaning of the words.
I pay significant attention to provide internal cohesion of the text produced by the translation, both semantically and formally.
I always tend to produce constructions that are very likely to be produced by a Macedonian language native speaker.
The final goal is to produce a readable, accurate and natural flowing new original.

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Certified translations

As an authorised court translator and interpreter I am authorised to do certified translations in the following language combinations:

Swedish – English, Swedish – Macedonian, Macedonian – English, English – Macedonian.

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Proofreading and Reviewing

Proofreading services are available for English, Macedonian and Serbian.

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Transcreation and localisation

These services are offered for English, Macedonian and Serbian. For more on the concepts of transcreation and localisation, please refer to my links page.

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This service is available for English, Macedonian and Serbian.

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Available for English and Swedish into Macedonian and Serbian: first and subsequent translation; creating master templates.

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The following type of interpreting services is available:

  • simultaneous,
  • consecutive,
  • whispering,
  • escort,
  • telephone and
  • video

in the following language combinations:

Macedonian – English; English – Macedonian; Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian – Macedonian

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Specialist fields:

  • Law (customs, taxation, contracts, criminology);
  • Advertising (translation of copy) and Marketing;
  •  Medical (general, occupational health and industrial hygiene, psychiatry, public health education and promotion, alternative medicine, healing and health);
  • IT;
  • Education (higher education, life-long learning, policies);
  • Technical (manuals, electrical and home appliances);
  • Human resources (policy);
  • EU affairs (legislation, institutions, politics);
  • Telecommunications;
  • Social Sciences (anthropology, development studies, political science, sociology, international relations, communication);
  • Arts (culinary arts, design and applied arts, film and cinema);
  • Humanities and women’s studies;
  • Poetry and Literature

Working fields: Environmental Science; Ethnic and Cultural Studies.

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Rates are formed and vary in accordance with the service type, the field and terminology difficulty; the formatting, volume, language combination and urgency. Please contact me directly to receive a quote for a specific project.

The translation, proofreading and editing rates are per word, however rates per number of characters, sentence, page (of 250 words) can also be provided, according to your preference.

For interpreting services – please contact me with details on the interpreting job, such as the type of interpretation desired (consecutive, simultaneous, escort, telephone or video), location, hours and time of the interpretation project and any other details that you consider to be of relevance.

Transcription rates are calculated per hour of the audio file and subtitling rates are per minute of the video file or per word.

You can also check out this informative and helpful “Guide to Buying Translation” of the American Translators Association:


I accept payment via wire transfer and Skrill in the following currencies: EUR, USD, GBP and MKD.
Payment via Paypal is also possible in some occasions.

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Quality Assurance

All translations go through this process:
Translation → proofreading by native certified proofreaders → reviewing → final check and approval


Rodna Ruskovska Translating Worlds