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English - Macedonian - Swedish

A translation should capture the fine nuances of the source text.

A skilled translator recognises and is acutely aware of the tone, vocabulary, and intention of the source text and is able to successfully transfer those elements in the target text.

A high-quality translation has a natural flow and sounds like it’s produced by a native speaker. It should be a reflection of the source text and all its elements.

This can be achieved only with full-time dedication, deep reflection and diligence. This fact was an inspiration for the name of this website – reflective translation.

Creating a perfect reflection

  • Full–time dedication
  • Personalised attention
  • Caring communication
  • Creativity and skill
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Quality assurance, guaranteeing 100% accuracy, readability and use of idiomatic language
  • Carefully chosen and researched terminology
  • Turning your source text into a new original
  • Taking care that the translated text has a natural flow
  • Data security - backup strategy (external hard drive)
  • FTP transfer
  • Attention to detail and nuances
  • In step with industry news and trends
  • Specialised in - IT; medicine; law; advertising; marketing; arms and dual use goods export control; art; education; human resources; telecommunications; social sciences; literature and poetry.

To help raise awareness that translation is hard work, please, regardless whether you are an agency or a freelancer, support this cause by adding this logo to your website/ internet profile:

”Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.”

Anthony Burgess, author of the dystopian novella
"A Clockwork Orange"

Translation and all mentioned related services are my main occupation.  I feel fortunate to have been deeply emerged in the cultures of my working languages since language is rooted in culture and society and so understanding the culture behind both the target and source language is very important, otherwise the expectations that the source text will be correctly translated are not realistic.

Overall appearance and presentation is something that should be given due care and attention.

I am always willing to try new programs, methods and resources that facilitate the translation process and improve quality.

Because it is an art form, translation depends greatly on the translator’s sensitivity and intuition.

I hope that the information I have provided here will make it simpler for you, as a client, to decide whether I am a successful candidate for your project from both a professional and personal view.

Co-operation and networking

Colleague freelance translators, translation agencies and other colleagues working within a related field are welcome to contact me for networking and to send me an invitation on one of the professional networking sites: View Rodna Ruskovska's profile on LinkedIn

I look forward to hearing from you.